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If I could have a superpower, it'd be flight.

Or maybe teleportation.

Either way, there are way too many adventures awaiting and too little time for two feet on the ground.

I think in color and dream in light, and if it brings a smile, it's worth a try.

I appreciate many styles & elements of design, and have been leaving my brush strokes on every canvas I can since middle school. A post-secondary education in Multimedia Design & Communications opened up a world of digital manipulation, creating endless fun designing websites, print media, videos & flash animation, and whatever unlimited imagination Photoshop allows.

I have 3 amazing boys that keep me active, fatigued & grounded. Or maybe they're my superpower. They give me flight. They're my wings. We love to travel, try anything once, and if I could wear cut-offs and flip-flops all year long, I would.


Hi, I'm Jenna.

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